TERA is actually a new re-invention of the blockchain protocol, which allowed to create a fully decentralized and high-performance blockchain platform for the development of DApps in JavaScript. In this case, the blockchain has a built-in cryptocurrency Tera, transactions on the network are free, and all DApps are stored inside the blockchain.

Decentralization is implemented by PoW consensus at the expense of almost unlimited number of block-producers (hundreds of millions), and speed from 1000 tps and confirmation about 10 seconds due to connection of nodes with each other in the form of a multidimensional regular grid and fast delivery protocol of blocks. The new merged sharding protocol allows us to add new chains without losing network security, increasing the total network speed to 1 million transactions per second.

TERA Protocol

Traditional blockchains do not use the ordering of nodes with each other. This random organization of links does not guarantee fast delivery of blocks between all nodes. In Tera, nodes organize themselves into an orderly manner of communication.The blockchain takes no longer than 3 seconds to deliver data from the 1st node to the last one. To achieve this, the nodes are connected to each other in a special connection, based on the similarity of the addresses of nodes with each other.

Traditional Blockchain

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True decentralization

TERA is a truly decentralized blockchain with almost unlimited number of blockchain manufacturers (hundreds of millions). It is not 20/40 nodes as blackany made by consensus of the DPOS. We don't have to pay to create your node and we don't have to vote to become the node that creates the blocks. We have free entry, we have PoW consensus.

High Transaction Throughput

Tera blockchain supports 1000 transactions per second, and the block is created every 3 seconds, while maintaining all the functions of the classic blockchain and providing great opportunities for further development and seamless integration with the existing infrastructure, as well as with new technologies.


Coins are stored in accounts similar to Bank accounts. Account numbers (ID) have a short name. To verify the correctness of the payment, each account has a public name. You can assign a smart contract to each account to manage it intelligently. The system provides safe and easy management of your financial assets.



Double Spending Protection

In the Bitcoin network, to protect the user against double spending, it is necessary to wait for at least 10 minutes, sometimes 1 hour. In the Tera network, blocks are created every second, and the first confirmation time is 8 seconds, but if you want the same degree of reliability as in the Bitcoin network - you need to wait for the same duration. The duration of time you wait correlates to the degree of reliability. There is no magic here; in any PoW algorithm, you exchange time for reliability. In TERA, we have made a more flexible choice. You can wait 10 seconds, 1 minute, or 1 hour (if, for example, transferring sums worth millions of dollars).

Protection from DDoS attacks

We use transaction priority. Transactions that are sent from accounts with a large amount of funds have a higher priority. 1 Tera to the account gives the right to send 1 transaction byte every 100 blocks (5 minutes).


This is the next generation of smart contract development, any service can be implemented as a decentralized program that does not require a centralized server for hosting (serverless technology). The original script of the program is not available for modification by third parties and is free from censorship. They can work forever and belong to no one. Thanks to the static calls of smart contracts, you can use the blockchain directly as microservices, this allows you to use the blockchain in real life without installing any programs.


Max Supply
Launch date
Consensus Protocol
sha3, secp256k1
Smart contract language
Block Size
350 KB
Source Code
gitlab, github, sf


Plan implementing sharding in Tera (from current 1000 tps to 1000000+ tps):

NOTE: in the current version of the jinn blockchain, the function of transferring funds using a public key is disabled, so enter only the digital account number of the recipient in your wallets. Be careful.



06.09.2020 Info: official accounts of shadow bank (cold wallet): 224373, 224375, 224376


15.08.2020 Due to the successful completion of the implementation of the pow Protocol, which allows stable operation with 1000 tps, we just launched a bounty dapp that distributes coins, now it has 150 000 TERA https://terawallet.org/dapp/101


The power of the network is growing, the block chains are stable. We can say that the transition stage to the new jinn core has been successfully completed. We are starting the implementation stage of the cross-blockchain Protocol (sharding) that will provide unlimited performance of The tera shared network.


For information: in the Tera blockchain, the time for creating a new account has been reduced by 10 times from block number 64 million (free account creation mode). Now you can create a new account for free in each block, i.e. every 3 seconds.




Instructions for those who did not automatically switch to the new jinn core (including for some exchanges):

  • 1) Stop the node
  • 2) Download and unpack the new code sources, download and unpack the archive of the blockchain database, code for UBUNTU:

sudo apt-get install unzip

cd ~/wallet/Source
rm wallet.zip
wget http://terablockchain.org/update/wallet.zip
unzip wallet.zip

cd ~/wallet/DATA
rm -r DB
wget https://terawallet.org/files/jinn-db.zip
unzip -o jinn-db.zip
  • 3) Launch the node

05.07.2020 The main network has been updated to the jinn-core version

01.07.2020 Today TERA network is 2 years old.

Current news:

  • Jinn testing is considered complete.
  • In the near future, mainnet will be transferred to a new engine. The transfer will be made automatically. For a successful transition, make sure that you have 10 GB of free memory on your disk. At the time of transition, the database will be converted from the old format to the new jinn format, this will take about a few hours. -The exact moment of launch will be announced later.

26.05.2020 Tera共识协议2.0-JINN金牛https://www.niubiquan.com/article/3624

05.05.2020 We have developed and launched a new stable JINN Protocol that provides high performance of about 1000 tps even on weak hardware.

12.03.2020 This month, we plan to launch a new JINN Protocol. Follow the news. Upd: Launch rescheduled for may

22.01.2020 Be careful with the official media list. Full list here: https://terafoundation.org/blog/22-info-1.html

12.01.2020 With pleasure we want to say Happy New Year to all of you and introduce The Tera Bulletin - 1 where we would like to share with you the recent Tera developments, achievements, short-term and long-term plans and goals.

05.01.2020 In the new year 2020, the community will be able to contribute to the development of the Tera blockchain through donations.

BTC: 1NCw4SymgBL4HizPjUjF8CYjvaHBPcK5tz (we do not accept donations)

USDT: 0xeabd14506280675f25a212784c7ae37d0b29643b (we do not accept donations)

Archive of old news for 2019

25.12.2019 Video about TERA: https://youtu.be/e4ptiQAagHM

14.12.2019 JINN-lib demo: https://terafoundation.org/JINN/model/model.html

See more news for 2019...


September 2017
  • Project start
  • Smart-contracts
  • Decentralized forum
  • Decentralized stock exchange
  • Web wallet
  • Android/iOS Wallets
  • Creation of IDE for DApps development
  • Creating DApp for anonymous payments
  • Research to increase transactions with sharding up to 1 million tps
  • JINN implementation (done)
  • TERA Sharding (started)
  • Teraplatform.org - website to promote the technology and benefits of TERA blockchain as the best platform for your business (groboro)