TERA is a platform for developing applications in a truly decentralized network. Programs can manage and transfer any digital values, including coins and tokens. This platform allows you to build a world economy without borders. The network is built on a highly reliable blockchain Protocol with PoW consensus. It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us to mine TERA, a coin that offers solutions for issues of existing cryptocurrencies, namely centralization, transaction throughput, transaction speed, confirmation times, transaction fees and general usability and difficulty of integration into existing payment and financial systems.

We have managed to create a blockchain with 1 second block time, 8 seconds for full confirmation of transfer and zero fees. On top of that TERA blockchain is capable of throughput of 1000 transactions per second while retaining all praised blockchain features and bringing huge possibilities for further development and seamless integration with existing infrastructure as well as with new emerging technologies.

TERA Protocol

Traditional blockchains do not use the ordering of nodes with each other. This random organization of links does not guarantee fast delivery of blocks between all nodes. In Tera, nodes organize themselves into an orderly manner of communication.The blockchain takes no longer than 3 seconds to deliver data from the 1st node to the last one. To achieve this, the nodes are connected to each other in a special connection, based on the similarity of the addresses of nodes with each other.

Traditional Blockchain

alt text

TERA Blockchain

alt text


Fast Block Generation

TERA is the fastest block generation blockchain in decentralized blockchains. (Meaning that POS and the like are not decentralized). With 1s block generation and 8s to confirmation, your transaction is near instant.

High Transaction Throughput

TERA blockchain is capable of throughput of 1000 transactions per second while retaining all praised blockchain features and bringing huge possibilities for further development and seamless integration with existing infrastructure as well as with new emerging technologies.


The coins are kept in accounts by analogy like bank accounts. The system ensures safe and easy management of your financial assets.

Double spending

In the Bitcoin network, to protect the user against double spending, it is necessary to wait for at least 10 minutes, sometimes 1 hour. In the Tera network, blocks are created every second, but if you want the same degree of reliability as in the Bitcoin network - you need to wait for the same duration. The duration of time you wait correlates to the degree of reliability. There is no magic here; in any PoW algorithm, you exchange time for reliability. In TERA, we have made a more flexible choice. You can wait 8 seconds, 1 minute, or 1 hour (if, for example, transferring sums worth millions of dollars).

Protection from DDoS attacks

Each block has a limit of 130 KB; the average transaction size is 130 bytes, so an average of 1000 transactions per block is placed. Each transaction must have a PoW field, which records the work done to calculate the hash. This field is used to determine whether or not this transaction is included in the block. It must be at least a certain value and must be sufficient to compete with other transactions. Only the first (approximately) 1000 transactions with the highest PoW values are included in the block.


This is the next generation of smart contract development, any service can be implemented as a decentralized program that does not require a server for hosting (serverless technology). The original script of the program is not available for change by third parties and is free from censorship. They can work forever and belong to no one.


Max Supply Launch date Consensus Protocol Cryptography Smart contract language
1,000,000,000 Jul-01-2018 POW sha3, secp256k1 Javascript
Block Size Pre-mine Source Code Explorer Platform
130 KB 5% sourceforge.net, gitlab.com terafoundation.org NodeJS




Now the Web wallet supports 5 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian. If you want to add a new language, download this JSON file, perform the translation and place it on the telegram channel @TeraLab


On April 9 and 10, 2019 TERA Foundation team took part in the conference on innovation, marketing and business "POTOK". The event was held in Russia, Moscow. https://potokconf.ru/ From now on, we will try to participate in all conferences that may be of interest to us.


TeraNova - Step1



The test network was updated to version 0.980 Added the ability to load the blockchain chain from the end, a special constant is responsible for this. If the value is non-zero, the difference between the current blocks calculated based on the current time and the number recorded in the database is checked when the node is unsynchronized or restarted, if the difference is higher than the required value, the nearest table of residues is loaded from the network and the rest of the block chain is loaded from it.

By default, the value is set to 10000 blocks.



The solution to the problem of Blockchain Sharding



We are starting to create DAO.

Please give feedback https://discord.gg/2dwydVh


The parametric diagram-calculator of the future new formula



  • Point 43 - start new formula
  • Point 45 - approximating point
  • KTera multiplier in the new formula of payment of awards

Formula: One billionth of the remainder of undistributed amount of coins multiplied by constant KTera



New blockchain desynchronization detector test

  • Note from 08.04.2019: Now its work in main-net

The test network begins the test of a new detector for determining the desynchronization of the blockchain from the main chain. If the last 10 blocks are created by their own node, then their POW should not differ more than 10 times from the previous blocks, otherwise the forced synchronization of the blockchain with the network is started. Settings can be changed-new constant added:

    "OWN_BLOCKS": 10,
    "K_POW": 10


Oct 2018
  • Smart-contracts
Nov 2018
  • Decentralized forum
  • Decentralized stock exchange
Dec 2018
  • Web wallet
  • Android/iOS Wallets
  • Creation of IDE for DApps development
  • Creating DApp for anonymous payments
  • Research to increase transactions with sharding up to 1 million tps
  • Creation of financial instruments for actions on tokens: futures, options, pawnshops
  • DHT technology support
  • Domain name support (.tera)
  • Gateway to the decentralized internet (web3)
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