What is


Shard created on TERA Platform is a standalone modern blockchain with the set of awesome features and specifications. Shard can function as a separate blockchain or can be connected to all other blockchains of TERA network and can transfer and recieve data from any other blockchain of the network! This brings almost unlimited possibilities for development and scalability of the network!

Create you own


If you do not have programming skills and you just want to create your own coin based on a high-tech blockchain, you can easily create your shard with huge opportunities for further development on the Tera Platform. Your blockchain will be absolutely independent, but will be able to connect and transfer data to other blockchains created on TERA Platform and will have impressive specifications and support the most demanded features!

Your Blockchain, created on TERA Platform, will get

Hi-end specifications and features!

Your shard will have bellow features by default.



Support of Smart-Contracts on JavaScript


Custom Token Creation

You will be able to launch tokens on your Shard and you dont even need any prograqmming skills!



Ability to develop DApps, that are stored in you blockchain, on JavaScript.


1000 TPS

Ultra-fast transaction speed - 1000 transactions per second.



Your Shard will be protected from DDOS Atacks and Double-Spending.

TERA Platform explainer video

Want to know more?

We’ve prepared explainer video for you! You will know all the basic information about TERA Platform and its capabilities!

Sharding is the perfect solution

for Developers

If you are a proffesional developer, TERA sharding Technology is the perfect solution for your blockchain project!

TERA Platform Saves Your Time
Customisation of Your Shard
No Restrictions or Regulations
TERA Developers Support
TERA Platform

Saves your time!

The development of the blockchain from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. On the TERA Platform, you can easily create your own shard! And your blockchain will have cutting-edge features and specifications, such as 1000 tps, support of smart-contracts, real decentralized applications that will be stored inside the blockchain, the ability to create tokens, as well as protection from ddos attacks and double spending. You will be able to fully focus on your project, because you already have a reliable and state-of-the-art platform at your disposal!

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Your Shard can be

Completely Customised

You will be able to fully customise your shard for any project! For example, you can develop a blockchain to work with heavy databases or applications. You can even create multiple chards and unite them in the network for complex blockchain solutions. You will be even able to change programming language of smart-contracts and DApps. You are unlimited with nothing but your skills!

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No Restriction or Regulations

True Decentralization

The Shard you created belongs only to you. You set the rules for your blockchain yourself, without any restrictions unlike on other platforms. And applications that are stored inside the blockchain, and not on hosting, will allow you to create your project, which will be impossible to change or block. Without your consent, no one can intervene in the operation of your applications, they will function as long as at least one node of your blockchain remains online.

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We Are Not Competitors

We Are Equal Partners

If you use the code of an already ready-made blockchain, you do not receive technical support from original developers, you need to have your own team of technical specialists to develop the project. The reason is that your blockchain is their competitor and not in their interest to help you. We are interested in the development of your shard. The more shards in the network - the more powerful the entire network. When you develop your shard - you develop the entire network, and we, in turn, developing the platform - increase the capabilities of the network and each shard. And crosscharging transactions not only increase the value of the platform, but provides it limitless scaling capabilities!

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